24 Bases with reported TCE water contamination
(Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)

Air Force Plant #4 (General Dynamics)

Fort Worth, TX
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Summary: Concentrations of PCBs (Arochlor 1254, Arochlor 1260), dieldrin, naphthalene, and PAHs (phenanthrene, and benzo(b)fluoranthene) in edible size fish caught in Lake Worth at the convergence of Meandering Road Creek pose an indeterminate (potential) public health hazard to people eating fish from this area. Even though edible sized and species fish were not sampled, the Mosquito fish, a small non-edible species, contained elevated concentrations of chemicals known to bioconcentrate up the food chain. Chemical concentrations were compared to those levels in fish taken from similar areas not impacted by AFP4.

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